Of a post-valentine chuva.

It is just not my day… Or days… whatever man.

Another one of those Series of Unfortunate events (-es).


Yesterday seemed to be your usual Valentine day. So, the usual in me planned to buy some flowers for my loved one. Early in the morning I tried to look around the Ortigas area and eventually ended up in Hollands Blooms (i’m not sure about the name, but for sure it’s not Orlando Blooms). So, I was browsing at their pre-made flower arrangements (I can’t spell bhu-khey) and asked one from their employee. All I heard was… 3-7-5. So, my eyes lit up and took out 4-0-0 from my wallet. When it was paying time, I heard her tell me “Sir, 3750 po.” What???? I thought you said 375 only you God forsaken fellow you. I had to cancel it and ran out of the store and ran more and never looked back. Sigh.

Berry embarrasin’.


I had a plan yesterday. End up work at 6 in the evening and then head to Sta. Rosa to surprise
my baby. I went home at 9-ish in the evening.


I got home at 1-ish in the morning. I delivered my goods to Sta. Rosa. Thank God I love driving the wee hours of the morning.


I got up today late. I went to work late. And that’s fine by me. I just hope the “bad” things ended yesterday.

I was way wrong.

I dropped by Robinson’s Galleria’s grocery to buy food. I bought something with Teriyaki. And then roamed around the grocery area to check if I could buy some other stuff. When I checked on my food the sauce leaked from the Styrofoam (or was it styropore… who cares) to the inner part of the plastic.

That’s fine with me. I can still eat it.


So, off to work Mr. working person you.

When I was about to ride the FX, the sauce inside the plastic dropped at my pants and my shoes. It would’ve been nice if the sauce was made from nilaga. But no, Teriyaki sauce. Up until now I can smell Teriyaki from my pants. And can even smell my crotch with Teriyaki sauce.

Damn it.


And then lunch.

Went to Jollibee. Waited days until my order came. A simple Palabok is hard work for these Jollibee employees.


I can’t believe it. I still am keeping my cool after everything. Wow. Grace under pressure.

(I could hear my baby now, “Sino si Grace?”)


~ by targrod on February 15, 2007.

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