Of a cold weekend.

I won’t go into details (like telling the story hour by hour, minute by minute). I just had a great time in Baguio. It is really great to spend a short vacation with your loved one.


Eleven hours of traveling time ain’t bad at all. It is great that you travel that long. At least you can sleep during the travel hours. Sadly though, we weren’t able to catch any deluxe bus from Victory Liner. From what I heard is that they have butlers and masseurs and restaurant inside.

But that’s just hearsay.


Thank God for reservations. Four A.M. and no free rooms is no joke. Really, really cold in the morning.


Thank God for cheap taxis… And honest drivers.


There weren’t any new things in the area since my last visit, circa Erap’s dismemberment este GMA’s reign over Philippines. One thing I liked: Strawberry flavored Taho. Yummy… and SM Baguio.


Was able to catch a parade for the Chinese New Year (pre Chinese New Year).


One question though: Did they have this massive electrical problem in Baguio? No airconditioning at any establishment…


~ by targrod on February 20, 2007.

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