Of a lunch.

I’m at work right now. Trying to take a break. I haven’t really done anything yet and I got here late. I’ll do my job after I do this. I’m not there… yet.


Elections is near. Sadness. Who should I vote for? Can I vote for people who aren’t running? I think we should do that. Instead of seeing trapos, actors, and boxers.

Hey, at least our peso is strong… for now.


I heard they’re making a part IV for the Saw series. New creators and looks like they’re going to make a prequel. How jigsaw became jigsaw. At least he wasn’t like a lego. Or else the movie would be made as Go (or Le). Go has more sense than Le. That’s Go. And then Go II (yum! yum!) and then Go III. Of course, there’s another movie with the same title (Go!… in 60 seconds…)


~ by targrod on February 23, 2007.

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