Of an awards weekday.

So there I was, very sleepy and very tired waiting for that damn Oscars. And I slept.


I woke up and I got to watch the part with the Best Screenplay and so on and so forth. And this is the first time i’ve sat down and really watched the Academy Awards.


I find Ellen an effective host (i’m not sure before). I was laughing most of the time especially with that camera with Spielberg spiel. Really funny.

And how about Francis Ford Copolla, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas joking on stage? Man, it was all worth it. With Martin S (I can’t spell his last name) winning. It was really worth the watch.


I was surprised to see that I’ve seen four out of five movies for best movie. I think The Departed deserves the best movie. I liked it. So. It’s ok. Was Babel nominated for best movie? Thank God it didn’t win. I didn’t appreciate Brad Pitt’s work. I don’t why. At least that last part with Little Miss Sunshine was all worth it.


In conclusion, I can’t really conclude anything. I just watch movies and i’m not a movie critique.

(Happy Feet won? not worth it) and (Dreamgirls didn’t win the Best song… Ha-ha!)


~ by targrod on February 27, 2007.

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