Of a piracy.

What if pirated books were also available?

I was thinking of this concept earlier. I know we have pirated dvds and I think that books should be given the same exposure.

I know that there are e-books already. But the purpose for this one is for the ‘masa’ crowd. The people who don’t have desktops, laptops, palms and high-falluting cellphones.

Imagine this, we have cheap books left and right. We won’t wait for a lifetime to wait for that seventh book. We can buy those latest badly needed books for less than a hundred bucks.

There are booksales and those Manila vendors who sell cheap books. But can we find the books that we need in those places? Usually… no.

And every piracy of course has a downside. We might get a wrong book 7 (remember those people in India who has everything? Like Harry Potter and the Pasador of Snape or whatever). We might buy a book with a font of 8. Or we might get that latest Dan Brown novel without the last chapter.

…here i go again. another useless post.

~ by targrod on March 1, 2007.

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