Of a movie weeke… eh…

I had the time to watch three movies yesterday (one more last Sunday).


The Prestige is good despite some loopholes. The idea may be farfetched but the way the story was told was really good. Scarlet J wasn’t really of a factor in this movie (acting wise). I liked Cutter. He played safe all throughout the movie. In my opinion, he just used his brain. He wasn’t that obsessed with magic tricks, unlike the two protagonists/antagonists who played Spy Vs. Spy the whole movie.

Moral of the story: Magicians kill each other all the time.


Flushed Away is fairly good too. I was doing something while watching this one, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the movie. I don’t remember any big scene in that movie. Just a lot of spoofs. From X-men to James Bond to whatever. I’m also not a fan of soccer (maybe if this is rugby) so I really felt that the movie is not that worth watching. And mice or rats or frogs ain’t that cute enough.

Moral of the story: Don’t swim in the toilet bowl, you might get flushed.


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels rule! This movie rule alongside with Trainspotting. I just love these kind of movies. (So, if this movie really rule… why can’t I write anything else about this movie?) Well, the movie’s old.

Moral of the story: You have to buy antique shotguns.


I still find Papa Leo better than Forest. But The Last King Of Scotland is a good movie. Amin is reminiscent of a person that we all know. He doesn’t listen to other people and he’s too omni-proud =). All in all, I felt like I was watching Hotel Rwanda again. Is it really like that in those countries? Sad.

Moral of the story: If you wanna kill a person, shoot him in the head. Don’t use hooks.


~ by targrod on March 6, 2007.

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