Of a choice.

I’m choosing right now if i’m going to post a “funny” or a serious or a nonsense post. I still don’t have an answer with this one.


Just like that old man in Hogwarts who said, “Snape… do me…” err… I mean the other thing that he said that I don’t remember that is related with choices. Or it has something to do with “It is up to you Harry boy about the choices that you will you in your life”… Something like that.


It is up to us if we want to start our day happy. It is up to us if we would keep grudges with people that we hate. It is up to us if we will make “patol” the people that would do something un-nice to us. And it is our choice if we would be affected by the people around us.


I hate it when people say that they had no choice. If you had / have no choice with what happened to you, then why the hell did it happen to you? Are you stupid with the idea of choice?

(This alcohol is kicking in)


I have no point with this point. Just thinking out in print.


~ by targrod on March 7, 2007.

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