Of an animaniac.

Back in the 90’s there was a show called Animaniacs. I just love watching this show, next to the Simpsons, of course.


It was shown in channel 9, ergo, it wasn’t really known to everybody (or something like that). Besides, there are only two VHF channels in the Philippines.


Recently, I got a season (piracy is the best policy) and I still appreciated the animation. The Warner brothers and their sister Dot, the Goodfella-pigeons, Hellloooo Nurse, Pinky and the Brain, etc.


I just love their humor. Very “adult”. Just like Adult Swim, Futurama, and Celebrity Deathmatch. Thank God for “adult” animation i’m still alive.


What? Another useless post… (You’re wasting internet bandwidth).

~ by targrod on March 8, 2007.

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