Of my fave pc games.

I can’t think of anything to write and I ended up with this one… All are based on my memory only and everything are in no particular order.


Nba Live – I’m a basketball fanatic and given my physical features, obviously, I can’t play the game. I love playing this with a real person. I can’t really say which year/version is better. I haven’t played the latest (2k6? or 2k7) but I really love to do some destiny again.

Pirates! – Sid Meier is great. Really, really great. This is a good game for everybody. Young and young adults like me. This is a fun game for everyone. A mixture of everything. I just hate the part with the dancing though but I love the sword fights and the ship fights.

Bomberman 2000 – I’m not really familiar with its actual title. I just love bomberman with real people as the competition. If I can remember it correctly, i’ve played this game around seven years ago and I would gladly play this again. (This is the third game and I think my comments suck).

X-men Legends II – Various X-men titles were released and none of them proved greatness (except of course that arcade version but that’s another story). This is the second installment and I got a copy of this game last year and spent precious time playing it. I just love this game. Mixing four x-men characters (enemies included) in an adventure-strategy game is awesome.

Rogue Spear – One of the FPS games that I was really hooked with. I can’t say much with this game. This is one of your usual FPS soldier games but I really adored how it is played.

Need For Speed Underground 2 – Included are the succeeding titles for this game. I love the decals. I love the paint jobs. I love the crashes. I love the speed. And Brooke Burke (Brooke who?).

Civilization – I just love the series. I was hooked with this game circa 1997. I was still in high school when this came out and that turn-based strategy really made something in the PC game industry. Don’t we all want to be the president or the Czar or whatever. Don’t we all want to take the whole world in our hands. And don’t we want to nuke every city in the world. The only game that is really educational.

Worms – I first encountered this game side by side with Scorched Earth. Don’t you love those little wiggly worms who say “Hadouken”? Evolved versions of this game proved its quality. I really can’t forget the Old Lady or the Holy Bomb. Kamikazee baby!

Quake 2 – CS are for sissies. This is a real FPS game. If you want to play a realistic game. Play paintball. Or piko.

Day of the Tentacle – One of the first click and point games that I played. Circa 1996? It is the best game ever. The idea that made this into a game is really undescribe-able. Who could forget Bernard, Laverne, and Hoagie. Transported in three different “time” and turned into an adventure CAP game. Brilliant.

Heroes of Might and Magic – The nerdness and geekness in me has to add this game. I’ve been an AD&D player. I know the works. I just find it weird that AD&D has made it in every household (those damn MMORPG’s). Anyhows, Heroes will always be on my list. I’m gonna pet my bone dragon then.

Monkey Island – CAP games rule. Lucasarts rule. Threepwood’s a wuss. I love Murray! Four titles and hopefully a fifth one for the fan in me. I wanna play it again.

Starcraft – This is the only strategy game with the word balanced in it.


I wanna play.


~ by targrod on March 13, 2007.

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