Of a(n) one.

I could still hear it, *intro X-files the movie “One is the loneliest number!” ~ One by Filter*.


I’m all alone in the office right now (almost). Using the company’s resources. I really don’t care. I’m not even compensated when i’m still “working” in the wee hours of the morning (or something like that). Mind you, sculiosis is right beside me. *crossing fingers that my assumption is wrong*.


I just love being alone (sometimes). I love it when I drive home from Sta. Rosa late at night or hours after that. I could do whatever I want. Sing, think, rap, shout, monologue, etc. I can make stories and reflect on the things that i’ve done to people hoping that what I did was (always) right. I can come up with sketches and stories and gags for my late night show (i’m an aspiring late night show host… ala Jojo A. este David Letterman).

intro: “libre lang ang mangarap…” Ambisyoso by Kamikazee


I think all of us want all of our dreams to come true. Usually, we are just afraid to do it. We are afraid of what people would think about us. We are scared to fail.

I don’t usually think of it that way. Rejection is just a negative feeling that can be ignored. I would always think of it this way. If I didn’t do something today, I will regret it if I think about it in the future.


I love analyzing and observing everything. There’s this thing in my mind that usually knows what people would do and what people would think. It’s fun in a way. I know it’s bad to assume that actions of people but it is quite amusing for me if I got it right. I should’ve been a psychologist or a psychiatrist. One problem though.

I’m afraid of blood. (I know, I know non-MD courses don’t have blood in their courses or is it the same with MD too? Don’t care… I’m a proud Eng-eng).


I’m twenty five years of age and next month, make it a few days from now, i’ll be twenty six. I can’t believe i’m that old. At this “young” age, i’m feeling a lot of aches left and right. Hair that I don’t need. And memory that doesn’t help me. I believe my destiny (yuck… heroes) is going to the right track. Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.


Isn’t it funny during gatherings (especially family gatherings), people would ask you. “E ilang taon ka na ba?” “25 po.” “E bakit hindi ka pa nag-aasawa?” “uhm…”. I somehow hate it at the same time when people ask this, would you like me to answer “i’m not emotionally there yet.” or “can you provide the financial assistance for our wedding?” or “i’m gay, can you dig that?”.

This is not a bash for my friends who are married and who’s going to get married months from now. It really depends actually on the couple. If you guys wanna get married. Go ahead.

Don’t forget to invite me.


I wanna watch something dramatic. Something that would make me cry. If I could remember it right, films that made me cry (or something in that sense) include I Am Sam, Big Fish, Pay It Forward, and that movie by Colin Firth and Amanda Bynes (i’m so pathetic). I really do think that crying is man-ly. Who cares if I cry. I think we should use all our emotions all the time (not at the same time though).

What the hell is wrong with me? i’m writing a dozen nonsenses again…


~ by targrod on March 29, 2007.

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