Of a holy week.

This week would be a work week for me. I’m not happy or sad though. To think, i’d rather work than go to Bulacan. For sure, tears would welcome us (somebody died).


When would they make Cainta a city? Just wondering. I’m not making accusations or anything but why did our precious current mayor “amassed” a certain amount of money, gaining three houses in the process. Hopefully, this is just gossip. I doubt though. As i’ve said, the money that Cainta rakes in every year is enough to feed my family for my lifetime. In addition, since greed is a key of our so-called “city”, four will run for the mayorial position. God, I really hate politics in our area.

And that mayor even promised us a better traffic…


In connection with politics, I think there are only 28 senatoriables for this coming election. Majority of which are corrupt.

Is there hope for our country? I think so. I’m an optimist. I don’t want to add the yang (or yin, basta negative). Our future is depending on what will happen today.

Watch Heroes, they are the generation for the future (I can’t help it, stop serious posts).


movies: Babel; Highlander: The Source; Because I Said So; Face / Off; Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny; Tideland; The Number 23; The Meaning Of Life; Ghost Rider; Showtime; The Return; The Running Man; Mallrats; Total Recall; Minority Report; Full Metal Jacket; The Astronaut Farmer; Batman And Robin

~ by targrod on April 3, 2007.

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