Of another.

Is this another politic-related post? As much as I want to post one right now, I’d rather stop. We should be in all holiness this week. Sadly though, i’ll be working till Black Saturday.

But that’s okay.


I’m inviting everyone who’s addicted to movies to join www.fantasymoguls.com . I find it somehow addictive.

Just a little background. Imagine you are a movie studio. You are then drafting six movies that willd be shown (in real time) in a span of time (let’s say, four months). Then, basing on box office records you’ll accumulate all the money your six movies has earned for your studio. Very simple. Just like playing fantasy NBA. Just a little slower and longer. But that’s o-kay.


If you don’t do it, then it’s not my problem.

~ by targrod on April 4, 2007.

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