Of a good friday.


Is my last name that hard to spell? Have they heard of Noel Trinidad, Trinidad valley, Peewee Trinidad, and (Miiiiissssss…) Trinidad and Tobago.


I could consider holy thursday as a phenomenon in our area. You see, annually there’ll be an “alay lakad” in our area (they walk from a certain area x up to Antipolo Church).

I tried to shoot some pictures on my way home from work yesterday. A thousand apologies for the blur and such. My camera phone is low tech.

Going back to the topic, I really find this amusing. You’ll walk from somewhere, that would take you kilometers and hours of walking, and end up in Antipolo. I could do this anytime.

Anytime meaning I could be good and avoid sin for a whole year which is really hard for some people. So, they make this trip as a compensation for all the sins that they did for the whole year (same concept as people who nail themselves on a cross).

“Alay Lakad’s” are also amusing. As far as I know, this should be a “religious” walk. This is not an excursion, a “fun” barkada-lakad, or a gang-war. I think this is a metaphor for Jesus’ walk towards Golgota.

We just love shortcuts, don’t we? But isn’t it more fulfilling if we do things the long way? That makes it 366 (or 365) days of good deed days than a day of being good.

As for me, a whole year worth of optimism and postive-ness is fine. I wish I don’t sound “mayabang” or a hypocrite when I wrote this.

This is purely a person’s opinion.


~ by targrod on April 5, 2007.

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