Of some comedy.

2007 elections; summer heat; family problems; work…

Don’t we all want to be happy for just a moment? Just to remove the stress and tension in our lives?


Strangebrew was one of the funniest indie series i’ve seen. Too bad Tado has gone mainstream. Despite that, there’s a new hero (wow… ala heroes… paging Mr. Seresh?), Ramon Bautista.

I really am waiting for his small spiel in Mtv Asia, The Ramon Bautista Show. For me, this guy is really funny. I hope he stays that way (meaning: he won’t be a talent for channel two or seven).


I also watch David Letterman, Conan O’brien, and Jay Leno.

Don’t forget SNL, Mad Tv, The Hollow Men, and Blue Collar Tv.

For series wise, I watch The New adventures of Old Christine (season 2 just got better), reruns of That 70’s show, Everybody Hates Chris, and some more shows that are currently being shown in the U.S. (which migrates here in Pinas somehow).


I just need to laugh…


~ by targrod on April 17, 2007.

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