Of some mindful things.


Nevermind the title.


I’ve been more serious recently and I don’t know what happened to me. I should’ve tried to look at the brighter side of life. I should absorb my mom’s positive energy once again. Imagine this, she just won 3 gift packs from Palmolive a few weeks ago and just last week she just won a gift pack from “boses ng masa”.

So, if you want a bottle of Patis, you can holler at me.


I might vote for Bautista, who is he? I don’t even know him until I watched the debate last Sunday (?). I’m just wondering, why thirteen candidates only? Would they have a part 2 for that one. (It is a given that when you include all the 36 candidates, the show would probably end at around six in the morning). I wanna see the other candidates talk.

And Mr. Edong shouldn’t have cited his son’s credentials on tv (He was a Harvard graduate…uh-huh, like I care).


Today’s Spidey 3. I wanna watch. I wanna watch. I wanna watch it on the big screen. Despite the change of the Venom storyline, who cares, as long as this isn’t one of those Hulk + Ghost Rider type of movie.


I’m Boholexcited na.


~ by targrod on May 1, 2007.

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