Of politics.

I was watching some show from Gma when they had this topic about partylists, I find this one a winner.

An interviewer and a partylist member talking:

I: “So, matagal na ba kayong myembro ng ____ partylist na ito?”

PM: “Opo, matagal na po.”

I: “Gaano po katagal?”

PM: “Dalawang buwan po…”


I’m so dismayed with our electoral system. No, our government in general. They say that we had a peaceful election… compared to what? The Marcos era? C’mon, when they say peaceful, nobody dies.


I don’t get it. I believe the Comelec people are “intelligent” people (that’s why they are there), so why do we have crappy elections in the provinces? I’m just dismayed with what’s happening. We are in the “21st century” and the counting of votes are so slow.


I know, I complain a lot. I pay taxes.


On a lighter side, watched Spidey 3 and found it better than Spidey 2. They changed the story and it was fine with me. I just don’t get the point when Venom died. Why did the Goblin live while Venom was disintegrated?

And the easter eggs were worth it.


I lost my badminton racket… Huhuhu. I had to buy a new one.


~ by targrod on May 15, 2007.

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