Of an american history.

Currently watching American History X and that’s one powerful killing scene. What Norton did was he told the person to “bite” the sidewalk and then *pow*, he kicked him at the back of his head. I just love those angry movies once in a while. Sadly though, I didn’t catch the start of the movie.


I need to laugh. My keen eye ain’t seein’ those funny experiences anymore. I feel like hate is everywhere. Chill out people. Or maybe it’s just me…


Maybe it’s me. I believed I changed. I hope it’s not for the worse. I just don’t want to be at the losing end.


Going to politics, looks like we are having a failure of election. This damn current mayor of ours cheated at his very best. There were some people power going on in our municipality and lo and behold, he called for a press conference. God, does this person know the karma he’ll be having?


Speaking of karma, My Name Is Earl is a good show. It’s not that funny but the concept of being bad to being good is a nice thing.

And I know that this year is the year of culmination. We are actually paying what we reaped (or was it sow) the past year/s. I have to change back to this “good” person. I know i’m not bad but I really feel that something’s wrong with me. I don’t have a PK-meter for this and I could only rely my house as my charger.

I’m not depressed. Yet.


This heat is killing me.


~ by targrod on May 16, 2007.

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