Of a hot day.

I’m currently watching the Adventures of Tintin. It has nothing to do with what i’m thinking. Up until now I can’t find my happy place.


I’ve been a very bad person lately. I haven’t been going to church lately. I’m praying almost daily and that’s it. Am I a bad person? Sometimes practicalitism (?) and religion doesn’t mix.


I did some shopping yesterday and ended up browsing in that new bookstore in Galleria. I just saw some interesting books. The place was fairly new showing books in their near mint condition. I’m into one book for now, a compilation of book seven predictions for HP. That’s it. They don’t even have Marvel graphic novels.


And don’t you just hate it when you’re going shopping and these employees talk behind your back with the things that you buy? And what’s more interesting is that person thinks I can’t afford to buy their cheap stuff. Call me mayabang but they have no right to do that to me or any shopper in general.


~ by targrod on May 23, 2007.

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