Of that last.

Bob Barker retires from the Price is Right. That was a really long run. I never liked the show though. It requires little brain and a lot of luck (maybe a bit more of being street-smart).

As far as I can remember, Kwarta o Kahon is the nearest local version of T.P.I.R.

I don’t believe it, I can’t even make a decent reaction for this. *Groan*


Have you heard of Juniper? No, not that commercial. That’s “Jjjjeeennniifffeeerrrr!!!!!!!”.

Juniper has outdone Janet. I heard that Wowowee’s suspended because of this teen star’s wardrobe malfunction. I don’t have a copy of the scene of the crime, I’m trying to figure out if that girl is wearing any brassiere.

At least she has a future. FHM, Maxim, a dozen porn directors… here she comes.



Welcome to Flip Flicks! Where you can download any thing for your cellphone. This is the thing where all your dreams will come true!

What do we have here? Cartoon greets! Sweet! (I’m taking out my phone now and i’m doing some texting stuff… I’m still trying to choose the best pick…)

Ladies and gentlemen, a winner!

And Bang and Ass in a single shot is…

Up next: Cartoon greets that contain Boobs, Butt, and Nips.


We Filipinos lack consistency. As stated in my previous post, I watched American History X. A movie full of the F-word. For the first part of the film, they were all silenced. But you would notice at the end of the film. Full of F.

Two hundred plus F’s in one movie is sweet.

~ by targrod on May 23, 2007.

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