Of Marvel.

I was browsing imdb and I ended up with the future movies that Marvel Productions announced for 2008 and 2009.

There’s Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman. It figures.

Then Nick Fury. No stars yet for this one. Probably an action movie ala Punisher.

We have Iron Fist. Eh? Out of nowhere. Played by Ray Park. Who is Ray Park? No, he’s not related to Rizal or Burnham. He starred as Darth Maul from that inter stellar galaxial movie and Toad, a villain from a movie whose protagonists doesn’t really die (well, most of them).

And Ant-man. What? Dr. Pym. Why oh why. I’d rather see a Magnus sibling movie. Maybe they have a purpose for this one. Hopefully.

We have another Avenger here, Iron-man. Played by Robert Downey, Jr. And it includes an all-star cast with Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges. Do we hear an Avengers assemble?

I’m waiting for this one. Despite the previous movie that really sucked, I would like the latest installment of the Incredible Hulk for the actor. Edward Norton. With her old co-star, Liv Tyler, I could see that this is promising. (Hulk’s an Avenger, right?)

For 2009, from the stars high above, we welcome Thor. Just an announcement. No details for this yet.

And Spidey 4? With Sam Raimi? So… Tobey? Kirsten? James (hehe)?

How about Magneto for 2007? Including probably Professor X? Is this a protagonist or another antagonist movie for Magnus? Abangan…

And of course, The Avengers. Avengers Assemble!!!!! If they are going to cast this movie with high-end actors and actresses, we would have the ff. Avenger cast: Captain America and Iron-man. That’s it.

One last, a remake of that red, white, and blue film versus the red. Captain America!!!!!!


Forgive me for such ramblings.


~ by targrod on May 25, 2007.

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