Of a Brit.

Suddenly, i’m going Brit.

Will watch The Office (Brit edition), Little Britain, and a few Benny Hill movies.

Oh gosh!


Stupid weather. Sorry. I hate the weather right now. Despite me bringing an umbrella and a jacket everyday. I’m not ready.

Rain sucks (If it rains at night).


Watched Shrek 3 alone two days ago. I find it somehow funny. But kids won’t get the jokes. Very adult. The scene with Rosemary’s Baby. The scene with six million dollar man. The scene with Live and Let Die.

And who the hell is Arthur Pendragon? Mixing it with Lancelot. (That scene is quite weird though except for the Worchester part… C’mon).

The dronkeys are fairly cute and probably Shrek’s kids.

And Snow White is very scary.


~ by targrod on May 31, 2007.

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