Of a sicky day.

I just recovered from a horrible ailment.

*just joking*

I still consider it horrible. A bad tooth affecting the whole body system making it a flu in the end. And to make it all better, I was absent yesterday. Hooray.


So, what did I do at home? Little Britain marathon.

Have you ever been bitten by an ant or had allergies in the skin (emphasis on in). That’s how I described myself yesterday. At first, I found the series corny, exaggerated, and too-Monty-Pythonish-slash-Bean. But, as the series progressed, I can’t stop watching it. I am now an official fan of LB.

It shouldn’t be watched by conservatives and minors. Due to very lewd and graphic content (hello Philippine standards). If you happen to want to see some slapstick and racial humour, then you’re very welcome to watch it.

How can I forget Vicky but-yes-but-no-but-yes-but-no, wheelchair Andy, and Anne?

Eh? Eh? Ehh?


I wasn’t the only sick person at home last weekend. My dad was the other victim of grim. We found out that he had cyst in one of his kidneys. Not a stone but a cyst. Thank God for yesterday. We found out that we don’t have to worry the cyst and worry about the old problem, his prostrate. It’s hard to be an only child. And most of the people who are close to me knows that I can talk about death with ease (i’m ready to die too). And if my father goes, I know my mom too.

I guess the only power that I can gain for the moment are prayers and close friends (that includes you baby). Depression is not an option.


Going politics… I think we’re still paying for what happened before. We are still lacking good leaders. So, where should all these good leaders be?

Six feet under.


“Buti pa sa America. At least si Paris Hilton nakulong.”


~ by targrod on June 6, 2007.

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