Of francis.

I opt not to call St. Francis its name. It’s not proper.


Anyhoo, dropped by francis bldg yesterday and there were these new dvds. New design? Probably.

If you’re looking for those old movies that you want to watch and you’re gambling that they have a copy. Go on. Try it. You’ll only lose time.

I saw And Now For Something Completely Different. Bought it. And Leia, hopefully my Python cd’s are still safe with you.

Baby, sorry if I wasn’t able to buy you the cds. I’ll try to look again for copies later.

And here’s a winner. There was this guy who returned a dvd telling the seller that he got the wrong movie. The movie should be The Pagemaster but what he got was the first HP movie. If you take a closer look at the cover, it really says

“The Pagemaster and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

If I only had a picture of it.

Imagine? Macauley Culkin as Harry Potter? Lupet.

~ by targrod on June 8, 2007.

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