Of a real chismax.

You be the judge.


This is a disturbing interview with Ylmaz Bektas (estranged husband of Ruffa Gutierrez).

Click on this video for the actual interview: http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=gwwQeNSj- tM

Summary of the interview:

1. It was John Estrada that Ruffa Gutierrez married in Las Vegas several years ago. Ruffa wanted to end their relationship after she found out John Estrada was positive for HIV. Notice how skinny John Estrada is today? That’s the real reason why Ylmaz left Ruffa.

2. John Estrada tried to blackmail Ruffa into paying for his medical bills. When he was unsuccessful, he set his eyes on Gretchen Barretto-Cojuangco. …..hence the kissing video with Gretchen Barreto. John Estrada himself spread the kissing video.

3. Ruffa admitted to Ylamaz that Annabelle Rama “sold” Ruffa for $1m to the Sultan of Brunei many years ago. This was the peak of the “Brunei Beauty Scandal” in the mid-90’s. The Sultan of Brunei paid Ruffa for a cool $1m to have sex with her.

4. Ylmaz was so worried about HIV that he had himself tested for it and now wants her daughters to go through a thorough medical investigation.

5. The Gutierrez famly are all “mukang pera”. Tried to milk Ylmaz dry.

Check the video out!


~ by targrod on June 15, 2007.

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