Of a work week.

I’m feeling something. A serious entry maybe? Hhmm… Me ask pareng Yoda.

“Yo! Da!” “How ya doin?’ (oops, wrong line). “Me ask life is what and why worth living, for?”

And i’m feeling something right now, a seriously stupid entry.


I’m always thinking about our society. Our society that tries to adapt to the first-world. And this is the same society who’s still in its third-word stage. It may sound pathetic but where else would we go? Who would we mimic? It’s not that i’m hating our society but there’s no us anymore. Am I making any sense? No. Do I know the point with what i’m saying? No.


I remember this ballpen. A long ballpen. It was called Kilometrico. It should’ve been called Dekada. Or… (Wait! I don’t know the Filipino term for Century… Decade… dekada… hhmm… Century…) Senturarya. Why? So that that ballpen could’ve stood with the test of time.


Buti pa ang Pilot.


I love Windows 98. I always have this habit of watching the screen when it defrags (Disk Defragmentation po yan). I don’t know why. I could spend all day watching it and I know I wouldn’t learn or gain anything from it, but I still watch it.

Just like our local programs.


~ by targrod on June 16, 2007.

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