Of a one-week worth.

After a week of un-multiply-ing, I learned that a part of me is gone.

(oh yeah, another lousy entry, heh!)


Enlightenment. Yes, you need somebody to enlighten you to learn that something is really going on. I always give everyone that benefit but in then, no matter what, you’ll eventually end up with something that you don’t really like. I’m not getting some things right now. What have we done? What? Obviously nothing. And you wouldn’t want us to do something to you. You’d probably regret it. Big time. Still, we’ll continue the events that we are planning.


Going on a circa-seventies movie rampage. I love Murder On The Orient Express. A Christie rocks! The Day Of The Jackal is equally depicted as its book. Barry Lyndon is so distinct. So Kubrick. And The Sting stings the best. I would just say that movies before really rely on the story. Unlike now, where we all end up in that special effect (do i hear a debate?).


I haven’t been really connected with the real world recently. As usual, I’m dismayed with what’s happening, don’t we all?


~ by targrod on June 25, 2007.

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