Of a wolverine.

This post is not about logan.


It’s the other one. The rabid one. This is indeed a sad news to the sports entertainment industry.

Why is it that these “stars” have these controversial deaths? Remember Eddie? And now Benoit dies with his family of double-murder suicide.

Buti pa si Andrei the Giant, at least heart attack lang. Or Ultimate Warrior who died of exploded muscles.

Wait. Ultimate is still alive and he is currently a somekinda pastor. Greedy person.


I’m tired of politics and i’m really tired of the same **** players in showbiz.

There’s nothing much in television. And thank God for movies. At least there’re something interesting in that area.

Speaking of movies, we’re going to see a sixty or seventy year old Indy by next year. From what I heard, his octogenarian dad is not going to reprise his role anymore. Awww. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Ford-Connery tandem once again.


~ by targrod on June 26, 2007.

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