Of the things that happened.

First off.

I guess it’s safe to say that we should avoid placing our personal views and comments regarding that book.

Not all of us can read as fast as all of us. Eh?

Or write a spoiler as a heading.

Kawawa naman yung mga hindi pa nababasa yung libro.


Thank God for the book, it compensated the movie’s suckiness (complain all you want, i won’t take it back).

I just finished the book. Despite me reading in during work hours and my girlfriend who is partly asar with what i’m doing, I say, it’s all worth it.

Despite reports for that early Tuesday pirated release, I still want to get my hands on a book. It is much sweeter to read. To strain your eyes on a book. And to make your neck hurt like there’s no tomorrow.

Thank you JKR for that wonderful journey. And that last part wasn’t really necessary (i really felt na pinilit mo lang sya… =) )


Buti na lang.

There’s Transformers the movie.

A very nice movie.


What else?

I’ve been really busy lately.

Korni noh?


~ by targrod on July 21, 2007.

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