Of some things in mind.

An answer to my previous post (i sound crazy). I miss you too! Really. I really do hope we could just step into some floo network or something and we could totally meet-up in a blink of an eye. Three months ain’t that far. I’m waiting…


Foreign celebrities left and right! Wee. Despite them being guys. I really don’t care. We had Josh (papable sya). And then there’s the recent Tarantino (I love Pulp). And coming in October (?) Kevon (or is it Kevin?) Edmonds.

Yey. I have no money and I can’t watch that concert. Oh well.


I wuv rains. Really. Even if we could gain sniffies and colds and flu and such. I really don’t care. I love the music of raindrops (Gene Kelly is that you?). And the temperature. I wuv cold.


Robotism here I come. Five weekday schedule. 48 hour weekend support. What more can I ask for? Is it possible to kill without even getting jailed or something? I really don’t want that. C’mon. Your work took over your life. I was just asking for a five day a week job. Not slave duty. I felt like i’m Zach from Scrubs.


Wednesday. Rainy Wednesday. Ooohhh… A Clockwork Orange too.

~ by targrod on August 14, 2007.

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