Of a nuffin…

I finally decoded the card.

During our stay in Bohol, my baby and I managed to pick a lost SD card in an airport (or somewhere that I don’t actually remember). Just last week, I was able to extract (hehe) the files inside the card and lo and behold this card is owned by a guy.

There’s a scandal inside. A girl was taking a bath and this maniac guy video’d her. She was kind of shy but she was able to do an ocho ocho during the one minute take.

I swear this was a shocker-non-shocker for me. Guys…


Don’t you hate it when some higher form of living creature picks you up and then take all the liquid out of you?

And you can’t do anything about it.

Actually you can still do something but to a certain point only. You don’t want this to go out of hand. As much as you hate , you might want to keep quiet and do some bash sessions later on (the process is hate but the aftermath is sweet).


I miss mah baby. Two months left.


~ by targrod on August 26, 2007.

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