Of a back to usual?

Things haven’t changed much in the office. Same old, same old. I guess I’m done with my part of the bargain. I don’t know if they would give theirs. Who cares. I’m in a better mood now.


Before anything else. This is officially my fourth weekend. That’s 48 hours for the first weekend and three straight 32-hour weekend work. And I also had my third sick leave for this month. Oh boy. If this will continue, i’ll sell my body to the nearest bidder. hahaha.


High school musical 2 is the current high of some pips here in the office. We love singing the remixed version of you are the music in me and I love the part of “What about us?” in gotta go my own way.

Loved the music Hate the nude girl.


I feel old. Well, not the old but it shows when I’m in the office and we talk about the past. And my body is even giving up on me. I can’t do consecutive late nights anymore.


Time sure flies fast. Imagine, two months and I am officially one year in this “insert expletive here” office. Haha.



Btw, I want Wii. I want it na. Now na.

~ by targrod on September 22, 2007.

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