Of an October entry.

As i’m watching Saturday Night Fever for the moment, I just can’t help notice the sixth battle of Ateneo – La Salle. Wow. Six battle. Like duh. Hahaha.

Actually it’s Mejico and Pilipinas. Check out the flags. It’s blue white and red versus green white and red.

This is so lame! Hah!


In light with the recent Desperate Housewives brouhaha, I just don’t get it. When they kill the med industry, we react. But when we’re being BS’ed from other forms of whatever we let it pass by. I’ve seen a lot of Pinoy pop reference and some are really nasty and that’s it. Nobody cares. Oh well. I’m not sourgraping (again?) or anything but I just want everything balanced.

Oohhh!!! Utopian… not.


What’s wrong with me? I’ve been raring to write something since my last entry and now. I can’t write anything.

Whatta loser. Har har.

~ by targrod on October 7, 2007.

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