Of a few days ago.

It seems that the climactic week that was had turned this week into a 180 degree turn. We’re not expecting anything for this week. No fuzz with whatsoever. No nothing. That’s it. Plain blank chuvaness ever.


Is this the time when we’re waiting for Christmas? I guess we should start buying those new culinary stuff for mom, new tie for dad, and a pair of panties for lola.

Isn’t it nice if we give stuff to everybody? I was raised “spoiled” (not really) and I wasn’t really that self-centered (this is so self-righteous for me. ha-ha) –> I like this, contradicting statements.

I believe I should give something to the needy for this year. You know, be thankful for the rewards (naks!) that I received for this year. New year. New life. Continue with the good yin (or yang). Despite my moments I think I still qualify to be good.

So, what’s up for Christmas? Giving something to the poor. Giving something to anybody close to me. And that’s it? No, wait. Let’s no forget the real spirit of Christmas. 13TH MONTH PAY + BONUS (ya think?). Hahaha.

Seriously, let’s not forget that there’s this high powerful “individual” that gave us the second chance in life. You know who i’m talking about. Let’s not forget to thank Him of everything. Really. It won’t hurt you. You just have to close your eyes and give a little nod.


Still, this week is still weird in all aspects. I don’t know why. I’m sensing something big. Like Ocean’s Thirteen and Master Showman.


How can you sum up your life?

I know this question is unlikely found-able in my thoughts. I’m not that old. I do reflect though, daily. I reflect about things that I should and I shouldn’t have done during the day. I try to avoid them the next time it happens (which we all know would happen again without knowing it).

What is wrong with me? Is this my soul-searching for this year? Ha-ha.


Speaking of soul-searching, I know a few people who soul-searched and ended up changing their… uhm… visions in life. gender anyone?


I lost my happy place again. Something is wrong. I need to check my PKI meter. I need to use some bent metal hanger…


~ by targrod on October 13, 2007.

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