Of something I remembered.

Growing up is a big deal for everybody.

I didn’t notice this up until the wee stages of my life. I was born
under the loving arms of my parents and basically, i’m unaware of the
real world.


So you think this is a serious entry? Nah. I just want to post my I remember(s)… This will show my real age and I want to reminisce. Here goes, I remember…

1. SM Cubao. Php2.50 per token for the arcade (spent all my tokens in Altered Beast) found in the building’s basement along with the foodcourt and a small amusement park found at the middle.
2. Double-decked buses. Sweet.
3. Payanig Sa Pasig. Dangerous.
4. Cheezel, Chickadees, and Daimos. Remember them?
5. Million Dollar Movies and Regal Presents.
6. COD Christmas special. I remember Christmases were extra special when we drop by Cubao and watch this.
7. Cheese curlz in exchange for newspaper. I’m so jologs noh?
8. Teks, marbles, rubber bands and POG. Pre-gambling materials.
9. Shaider, Machine Man, Bioman, Masked Rider Black, etc. Japanese rules!
10. Ultraman! This one’s really stupid.
11. Old Virra Mall. Playboy is sold at the second floor. This is also the place where you can find the newest arcade and PC games. I think network games started here too (circa 1996).
12. Game & watch, Atari, Family Computer, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and SNES. I was lucky enough to acquire a game & watch and a family computer.
13. Qzar and Laser Quest. I still have those stats at home.
14. Magic Bomb. A small plastic contrapment. You clap it and it will explode.
15. Ice and Snow and that Dino-themed park in CCP.
16. Mr. Bogus, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Eek and the Terrible Thunderlizards, The Littlest Petshop, The Original Ghostbusters, Captain N: the gamemaster, Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda.
17. Mixed-tapes. Cassette tapes! You just need to buy a blank cassette tape, wait your song in the radio. Then press record.
18. Andrew E., Michael V., Francis M., and Lady D. Rapper’s delight. Yo! Yo! Let’s go old school. hahaha.
19. Songhits. They are my books before.
20. Funny Komiks. And Bata-batuta. Niknok, Planet of de Eyps, and Combatron. Don’t forget Kick Fighter too!
21. Caroling to receive two pesos after three songs. =(
22. Baseball helmet. This is a hard cap. You place lotsa stickers on it.
23. Spooky stick. You tilt it at a 90 degree angle and this certain spooky noise comes out of the device.
24. Watusi and baby rocket. Aaahh… new year.
25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Real Ghostbusters. Friday nights.
26. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Nerd!
27. Marvel and Infinity Gauntlet. Image and Spawn. Still… nerd talk.
28. Carlo sat beside me today. He was so cute…
29. 1-peso timed arcade. You make papalit to the owner if you don’t have those peso coins. then, you play until your time runs out. Or if your game ends.
30. Bike till you drop. BMX rules! Err… I had those cheap type of bikes. Who cares.
31. Boring six o clock news. Really. Very numb newscasters.
32. Magic Waterfall. I made this in High School.
33. Exploding lucis. Thank you Bulacan. haha.
34. Cindy’s is the place to be. Remember this?
35. The Dog of Flanders, Pamilya Vontrapp, Julio at Julia, Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa, Cedie Ang Munting Prinsipe, Nadia Ang Munting Baklita (err… erase that last one).
36. Vaccination. From polio to whatever. Me hate needles.
37. Sizzling plates in our school. Yum. Yum.
38. Sundot kulangot. Yummiest.
39. Marriage license and Kissing license calling cards. You can buy this at your local palengke.
40. Personalized memo’s with perfume. I had two of these. ‘Love A Lots’ and ‘Forever’. I am soooo gay.
41. Thundercats, The Mask, Centurions, Sky Commanders, Dino Saucers, Challenge of The Gobots. Circa 80’s?
42. Palibhasa Lalaki, Mana, Mana Mana, Tondominium, Super Toink, Buddy N Sol, Mag-asawa’y Di Biro. Let’s go local.
43. Ang Tv! I hate That’s, sorry. TGIS, Gimik, G-mik. This changed the world. It removed the Greenhouse effect.
44. Boyoyong Clowns. Did you know that Jose Manalo of Eat Bulaga was a member of the trio.
45. Panini stickers. From the Age of Dinosaurs to Care Bears to Thundercats.
46. Oh Carolina and Boom-shak-a-lak. Aaahh… lame music.
47. Scented pens and scented ‘kisses’. Don’t tell me you’ll add your school crushes too? That ain’t right. I came from an all-boys school.
48. Moonbits and Sergs! Whew. Circa Mount Pinatubo explosion.
49. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I prefer Nancy Drew, I.was.a.girl.
50. Those science ‘magazines’ such as Bato-balani.
51. Jollibee mascots outnumber Mcdonalds’. There was Hetty, Champ, Jollibee, Twirlie, Manny, Conny, and iSfurlee.
52. Six digit telephone numbers, partyline and beepers. Modern telecoms.
53. Cabinet-styled black and white televisions. and antennas of course.
54. What MTV? What Cable? What internet?
55. Langit lupa, mataya-taya, black 1-2-3, moro-moro, patintero, Pepsi 7-up, syato, monkey monkey, putbol, open the basket, luksong tinik, luksong baka, taguan, and the list goes on. Kids before exercise.
56. Paper bills for the denominations 2, 5, and 10 and large coins including 1 cent and 5 cents. I still have those brown paper bills.
57. Manilyn Reynes, Tina Paner, and Sheryl Cruz. Ruffa Gutierrez, Aiko Melendez, and Carmina Villaroel. Jologs na naman?
58. 5 & up and Yan ang Bata! Star Smile Factory and Uncle Bob’s. More children’s shows. And don’t forget that show of Aiza Seguerra, Kathleen Go-quieng, Rr Herrera, Lady Lee, and Atong Redillas.
59. Hooded shirts. I had one of these.
60. Sticky freebies from cheezels and chickadees. We had that sticky hand (i think). And that bunot-shaped material, wherein you make baliktad it and you leave it. Then, elasticity rules it back the way it is. Eh?
61. Bubble gum and ice cream. Old school cookies and ice cream. Ice cream cakes! Ice cream rules!
62. Karaoke. What Videoke?
63. Agila, Annaluna and Valiente. Let household help rise.
64. NBA cards and MAGIC cards. Another expensive hobby.
65. Lola Basiang and the Midnight Society. And Erie Indiana. Are you scared now?
66. Time Quest and Candy Candy. Channel 13 is the rocks pare. =)
67. Tarzan, Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. Channel 7? Can’t remember. How about Voltes V, Daimos, and Voltron (lions and that 15 part robot). Don’t forget the Transformers too!
68. Kneeling on mongo seeds. Kneeling on salt. Arms stretched out with books on both sides.
69. Finders Keepers, Pinwheel, and Double Dare. I remember my friend Nick.
70. Another Virra Mall find. Computer games come in 1.44 floppy disks (yes disks). This costs 50 each (i think) and there were games that add up to six disks. Remember that famous Day of the Tentacle?
71. Furry Ewoks and scary trolls. I remember the cheat in Star Wars, Family Computer version. You make butingting that metal thingy at the front, then voila, cheat stage mode.
72. Gremlins, Goonies, Hook, Terminator II, Return Of The Jedi, Problem Child. Some of the movies that made an impact in my life. Look at me now. =)
73. Play-doh!!! I never had these. I had no-name-clay. I never understood the fun in clay.
74. Unggoy-unggoyan, Pares-pares, Lucky 9, 21, Blackjack, Crazy 8, Pusoy, Bluff, and numerous one person Solitaire. Yes, the alternative to brown-out.
75. Ash-fall! I wub white particles.
76. I love you teddy bear (my version: I love you teleberg) and Apir Disappear 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/2 Disappear Appear. Then, there’s that tinapay version. and the sosy Who stole the cookie from my damn cookie jar.
77. Those metal straps, usually has a watch with it. You straighten it. Aim. Then hit your arm or wrist with it. Fun? How about the washable tattoos? Fun…
78. Bow-biters. Hey. They were cute and practical.
79. Z-aa nature’s touch tawas laban sa singaw toothpaste. Nano nano nano nano. Kopi Kopi Kopiko. Annoying.
80. Wrestling is fully scripted. Hooray to the likes of Ultimate Warrior and British Bulldog.
81. Batukan, Pass The Message, Pitik-bulag, and bus service wars. Good time wasters.
82. We love going to the province. I learned how to climb trees and how to create simple traps using a thread, a tin can, and urine (hehe. yuck? hahaha).
83. PBA was really big then. No college hype. No MBA. Good clean Jawo fun.
84. Remember the small contraption that creates a jolt of electricity? Created fun times. I miss that.
85. Tops. Wooden tops. Then we thumbtacked it. Thumbtacks affect the centrifugal motion of the top. Not. it just makes it shiny.


~ by targrod on October 13, 2007.

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