Of a second file.

Aaaahhh. The advantages of having no work. I’m on the verge of stopping KOL-andia. I’ve gone cheap, ergo less dvds (and to join the fact that our friendly dvd vendors in St. Francis just had a tussle with OMB commish himself. Game na!). Or no dvds.

And as i’ve said. I have no work. I have to be productive somehow.


A few months ago, i’ve been toying with our small-framed whiteboard here in the office. I came up with some fun facts for torpe-ism. I didn’t really get an applaud for it, but I think somebody should share something to the madlang-people. These facts may be wrong but who cares. It’s all in the spirit of storytelling.

All information found here may or may not be of my experience. This is not a guideline or anything. It represents nothing.


Torpe-ism or being torpe is the act of a guy (or sometimes a girl) who can’t express his feelings the right way. Usually this person doesn’t do anything, he just says that he/she likes this person. That’s it. No action done. The greatest thing that this person does is wave or say hi. He is not pathetic or anything, his/her mind goes blank whenever he/she’s near
this person. Other symptoms include butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, dyslexia, shiver(ing), dumbness, lbm, fever, and in some cases death.


If you’re the torpe-person, always remember one thing, the person your torpe-ing sees you with the ff. psych(s): stalkership, freak, a stupid person, intimidating, and in most cases, a serial killer (just kidding).


Though i’ve said negative things for being torpe. It has its advantages too. The torpe’d person (or the receiver) is luckier (sometimes) usually. He/she receives unconditional material (or emotional) things. He/she could get a dozen roses, a dozen love letters, or a dozen shawarma. The torpe person would even make a shrine for him/her. Just make sure that
that person is harmless.


I would like to suggest to the torpe person to follow Kumpareng Nike’s motto. Just Do It. If you would remember (again) that line from Can’t Hardly Wait. Don’t rely on destiny, it is still you that makes the choice. Remember Papa Albus to little Harry? Same thing.

I guess it’s the fear of rejection that is taking place here. Well, if you’re not taking the plunge then you would always think in the future, “If I only had done this or that.”. At least if you did something, negative or positive, you get a response. And at least you’ll have no regrets.

And when he/she rejects you and you found out that he has a new bf/gf, you’ll only say one thing, “Putsa, yan ang pinalit mo sa kin? That’s your lost and not mine. Hindi mo ko matitikman!!!”.


Don’t let time fly. Destiny doesn’t work that way, Really. Do it now. Think of it as if this is the last day of your life. I know rejection sucks. So what? Cry over it and move on. That’s life. We are living in a reality. Fantasy happen in dreams. Dreams don’t come true. It comes in
a different form.


Still, this may sound contradicting, but the move is still with you, yes you, you torpe you. Life is short.


Commercial: Have you seen the latest PBBCE? It felt as if I was watching some sleazy show. Riza had to dance that way. Ugh.

~ by targrod on October 17, 2007.

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