Of our lives.

I just noticed one thing, i’m taking some of my father’s traits (wah!).

I guess I can ask awkward questions without offending anyone. Or am I offending people but they just don’t want to pick an argument?

*enter x-files theme*


I just hate today’s drivers. Worse than ever. We break simple traffic rules. We don’t have courtesy with other drivers. We just don’t care.

We can’t even turn on the signal light if we’re turning left or right. Is it that hard? Really? Because I usually drive with one hand on the wheel (yes, mayabang ako. my blog. my words –> homaygad, taray mode?).


I read in an internet article that we can argue with MMDA people if we know that what they’re doing is wrong. We can argue with disrespect and swerving is not an offense (was that right?).

How about my suggestion? Why don’t they acquire pamphlets (or books), containing all the traffic rules and regulations, and use them to erring drivers. In addition, an instant replay wouldn’t hurt too.

I just don’t trust them.

And the LTO should share the documents to us, drivers. They love making new rules without even informing the madlang people.

Or is it just me?


I guess i’m back.


Boston Celtics.


~ by targrod on February 4, 2008.

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