Of alone in the office. again.

Ooohh. 48 hours for on-call. It felt like it was just yesterday. Damn. I really do wish we could get more compensation for this.

I’m almost all alone in the office right now. Thank God for my fm radio, we can talk for hours and hours and hours. I forgot my camera. We could’ve taken some pictures too. Aaahh, life.


Where could I find portable dvd players with a serial output. It would be really nice if I own one. At least I can watch movies here in the office during hours wherein i’m all alone. Of course, it should be cheap.


I really do wish that our company has those training/seminars for personal development. I think we lack those things here. It would be really nice if we have those things. I know it would just kill time for us but I do believe it can make us better workers.

We even don’t have any teambuilding activities. What’s up with that?


Lent. I do believe that Lent should be more “celebrated” than Christmas.


My Lent wish. I’ll do bowling weekly. I might do it during Fridays or Saturdays. Anyone who wants to play with me. Just inform me. I just started today.


And about that Lozada brouhaha. C’mon. Don’t give me that *bleep*. You are corrupt too. Your conscience didn’t help you. You panicked and eventually you had no choice in the end. Puh-lease, you shouldn’t have asked help from the Lasallian brothers and sisters (?).

And yes, we are in a corrupt country whether we like it or not.

If we all die right now, I do hope you have those riches with you when you go flag football with the beelzebubs and the fallen angels.

My God! Our taxes. Our precious taxes. It will end up in the stupidest inquiry in the Philippine history. The Senate inquiry. How many times have they used our precious money for this time-killing event? This is worse than the ABS-CBN vs. GMA war.

How can they go and attend mass and take up communion? They’re not dead yet their souls are already burning.


I want my momma.

Soulja Girl!!!! Whoop!


~ by targrod on February 9, 2008.

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