Of a woah.

Oh no. I don’t know how to write. Or is it I don’t know what to write?

Some people I know are pestering me to go back blogging. As if people are really reading my blog. Yuck! I’m so fishing. And yes, sorry for that pester whatever. I know you guys love me and I guess we have the same sentiment.

I love myself too. That’s why my favorite song is touch myself.


First-time mo? First-time ko. One Night Only.

Oh, i’d really kill for that one night. I really want to go stand up. (Again: yuck!! feeling). Wait, did I just say stand up. I guess anyone can do this except of course if you’re in front of the computer and you stand up.

You’ll really look stupid.

Going back, I want to do stand up comedy. I just want to charge it to experience. Hell, I don’t care if nobody laugh’s at my gig. I just want to feel the experience. I want to have that adrenaline rush. I just need that burn.

And no, not that burn in the crotch.


Here’s a sample: What do you get when you mix a gong and a hammer? A hong…

See??? Isn’t that funny?


I finally achieved a 192 pin count in bowling. Damn that last frame. Oh well.

Whats important is we beat Heroes. Hehehe.

Thank you so much to all the witches and wizards who came and gave everyone support. And thanks to everyone in New Worlds who found a sport that everyone enjoys.


Yes, I know the real ZTE story. And I do hope the real culprits get their karma.

Now na.


I’m tired of that Janina story. We already have Melanie. Why do we need another one? We need more Sam Milby movie flop. We need more Christine Reyes what-is-the-title-of-her-new-movie-again. And we need more who is the latest Viva Hot Babe in the news.


The Office is God. Pushing Daisies is sweet.


Yo! Soulja Girl! Sup Sup with you.


And yes, I am currently addicted to Facebook. A place where you really know your friends.


~ by targrod on March 15, 2008.

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