Of a Idontgetit.

You have a great cast using unknown actors. But they are great. Really.

And what happened there? Yep, somewhere in the vacuum, a black hole appeared and took out all the funnies.

And they could’ve made Meet The Spartans better.


I really do think it is with the comic timing. I’m an avid fan of Mad Tv and it doesn’t matter if the skit suck. It always turn out to be funny. And that movie had three Mad Tv mainstays. Ike, Nicole Parker, and Crista Flanagan. Well, in all honesty, I just like Nicole. It would’ve been better if Bobby Lee or Michael Mcdonald was casted.

Oh well… I’m not a genius. I’m just here to complain.


And did you know that R. N _ _ I’s boyfriend is L _ _ _ _ A?

Hehe. Don’t ask me where I got it. And no, it’s not chismis. It’s true. They just don’t flaunt it.

~ by targrod on March 16, 2008.

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