Of a concept.

Yesterday was the annual Alay-lakad that passes by our area. I haven’t had the urge to join one since time in-memorial because 1. nobody invites me and 2. where are they going?

Up until now, I still don’t get the concept of people walking from their location to Antipolo. Why people why?

If this is a way you think your sins will be forgiven, then that is the lamest excuse I ever heard. You’re just saying that this is your easy way out. I really do believe that it is really hard to be good everyday. Why can’t we do that instead?

If you think that it is for your health. C’mon. We have 365 days in a year. And you save a day to walk that far. Still illogical. Why don’t you do some stretching everyday. You can do short-distance walks. And please don’t complain if Mamang Driver drops you off (almost) a block away from where you told him to stop.

If you think that is for camaraderie (i really don’t remember the spelling, sorry). Eh?

And if you think it is for some panata, I guess that may be a good answer. As long as you’re not rowdy and pick fights during that long walk. That is not an excursion.

Apparently for most people, especially teenagers, they see this as a “happening”.

So, if someone can tell me the real meaning of that event, please do so.


And I saw this stage with pretty girls and they were smiling and such. From what I remember, we must be solemn when we do this. We don’t do this for fun. We do this for the holiness of the event.


Despite the negative things that I see, i.e. a banner of a politician in Pasig with the words “HAPPY EASTER” in a Good Friday in front of the church or the hostile environment, what I saw last night was somehow fascinating. There was this fraternity who offered free water for the (i still don’t know what to call them) “walkers”.


And yes, i’ve been a bad Catholic. I didn’t go to mass last Sunday. I didn’t observe Good Friday and Holy Thursday. I do hope He understands me.


And I know, I shouldn’t have ranted in a Good Friday. Sorry about that.


I miss listening to the seven last words. I miss Visita Iglesia. I miss San Miguel Bulacan.


~ by targrod on March 21, 2008.

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