Of a post-itute.

I really don’t want to brag but i’m proud of my bowling scores lately. Last week I got pass my highest game. And this week I got pass my highest game again, see previous sentence. At the same time, it includes my highest average for the day.

And i’m just 5’6″.


Oh men, my college friends are getting married. I feel old.

Hey, if ever the time comes. I’ll announce to the whole world that i’m getting married. But i’m not.

So, that’s it.


Recently, just hours ago, I answered a grievance survey from our HR. Honestly, I still don’t frikkin’ getit. What’s the use of a grievance if there wouldn’t be any change after the survey? It’s like everyone involved is just aware and that’s it. And i’m expecting to be the apple of the eyes of the people who I grieved. But c’mon, i’m just doing my job. You’re not doing your job properly. Hey, you guys should read the Sunday issue of the Philippine Star. You’ll see there some basic things that you need to learn in a business world. Apparently, we’re doing everything wrong here. And we’re not really wondering if the company falls flat on its face. I’m really sure that i’ll be safe, but how about you guys? Can you shift your careers?

Since we’re still in the issue of grievance, I would like to include my happy teammates. Uh-huh. Can we also have a grievance survey here in our team. I know nothing will happen. All of us will just be aware.


I wasn’t as proactive like this as before. I don’t know what happened during college and work. People may see me as ma-epal or ma-papel but I really don’t care. I just want the needed results and answers.


I was like bowling last time and there was this bunch of players who were hooligan-ing on me. I didn’t even know them. Fine, call me mayabang. It’s fine if I know you, but I don’t even know you people. If you want a fight. Bring it on.


Good luck Soulja Girl!!!!! I hope you keep the costume. Hehehe.


~ by targrod on March 28, 2008.

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