Of a berry late post.

Before anything else. I’d like to thank all the people who made-bati. Really. You made my day. I know i’ve been “busy” lately. Everything is really appreciated.

Especially soulja girl. Woot. You da man.


World of Warcraft is taking all of my spare time. I hate the person who’ve introduced this to me. I hate you!!!!! I hate you so much!!!

After blogging, i’m playing wow…


Ok. I know this one is coming but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. I’m pregnant. Joke.

There has been a fuzz earlier in the office about resignation and shit. Apparently our super big boss (there’s a big boss and that’s quite literal though and we call him big show or bb or whatever) gave a “go” signal for all the people who has a bond with the company to lift that bond and they can go and fly to a new company.

Here’s the back story. Our HR made a random sampling weeks ago regarding a grievance letter. The grievance is about everything that you don’t like (or want to improve) in the office. As a person who complains about everything, I did my part in the survey. After that, we didn’t hear about the survey on what transpired and shit.

Fast forward…

Earlier, there was another “survey” headed, again, by our HR. She simply asked us the big Q. “After your bond, are you going to resign?”. The question is simple but the impact is big. Apparently, from what i’ve seen, around 95 percent of people who were asked gave the YES answer. And the result was given to the S.B.B.

I’m not sure what happened there but it ended with that “Hey, get out of my company if you’re not happy.”

So, after all the services we did for the company, we end up like a dirt. Bad management style. As i’ve said earlier, if we could’ve just addressed the problem correctly we wouldn’t be like this. I love my job, that’s for sure, but all the kinks around me always give me an “other side of the coin” story.

I still blame bad communication and bad management. Remember that your employees are your aces. From what i’ve seen our network’s abilities are constantly declining with regards to its service. Just earlier, I had an encounter with a stupid OJT. And don’t forget our finances.

What is happening?


My mom says that if you’re not happy with the company, go resign.

Do you dare?

Double dare!


~ by targrod on April 25, 2008.

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