Of a pre and Labor Day.

This is one of my most memorable Labor Day in my entire life.

Well.. Not me actually but for a few people I know.


You see, my bitchmates (ok fine it’s batchmates but who cares, anyway) and I planned a get-together near my almah mutter. So, after work (hooray for the pips who logged out late) we had a road trip and then when we arrived we bought some foodah and some drinkah to our little moolah for our night out. Since the owner of the place and one batchmate of ours were early, they started drinking already.

We went then to the ol ye faithful seven-eleven. We bought some groceries and some what nots and when we went out of the store we found our two early birds conversing with our Manila police. At first, it wasn’t really clear for most of us on what’s happening. Who cares? Maybe they are just really friendly and then we found out the real S-H-I-T. The two of them are going with the blue boys to the police station.

OMFG. Bwahahahaha. Let’s skip with the laugh later…

So, we told the two that we’ll just follow them and make the usual please let us go scheme or whatnot. So, we went to our ride (naks, we have a driver of course. what are we? poor?). And zoomed in at the HQ number nine at Mabini.

We were there and it was somehow scary. Who wants to take part with our Manila prison? Can you please raise your right hand?

Gladly, one of the nice police guys told us that a simple snack would make the nice policemen nicer. Here are some facts. They are going to prison for a day. There will be a bail. They need a hearing from the fiscal. There’s Labor Day the day after meaning there’s no fiscal or even Blaise Pascal. Ergo, they’ll be staying there up until Friday. Woo-hoo. Quoting Claire Danes “It was berrry dirty. They have these people who had no legs or limbs and eyes for pingpong balls. And there were rats as big as pterodactyls. Omg, they’re not flying of course. What do you think of me? Stoopid?”.

Even though that Lim is my kin (yes, the mayor). We have a batchmate who has his father as a judge. And the betterest is Ninoy is also with us.

So, it ended up with one Ninoy, five happy policemen, two relieved convicts, and a more than happy batchmates (in short we were laughing all the time).

It would be nice if they were in a gang war. Or if they raped someone. Or if they slapped a police officer.

No, it was just nature’s… sprinkle.


~ by targrod on April 30, 2008.

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