Of a hey i’m back?

Ok. I read from somebody else’s blog entry that you have to accept the movie if you’re really a fan of it.

Remember The Matris? Ehrm, I mean the Matrix. Everyone’s raving about the first movie. I even looked for and watched The Animatrix. And then the sequels came. And remember Spidey 2? God.

And I can still say i’m fans of these uhm… movies.

Moving forward, I happen to watch Indy 4. Omg as in omfg God, it was nostalgia galore. I was awake and interested with the first 90 percent of the movie. And then everything stopped. I’ve seen the ending. And it was really sucky. Really. I read from an article that Lucas pestered everyone with the storyline. Ford and Spielberg didn’t want it. And it took them almost 2 decades and eventually say yes to the Macguffin-itious Crystall Skull storyline.

They should’ve pushed with the idea of the Atlantis. Lucasarts came out with a game about that. Given our CG’s and whatnots they should’ve changed the storyline. We are in an era of Da Vinci’s and National Treasures so why can’t they make one that can catch up with the times.

Stupid macguffin. *groan*

And hello? X-files the movie two is on the works. We don’t need a Close Encounters of the Third Kind part II.

Wah. I’m still hurting with Indy IV. Despite my it-hurts-me sentiments I have to give credit (again) with the nostalgia, with the amazon ants, and with the 50’s style of film shooting (see the glare?)

If somebody would give me a fedora, i’ll shut up.


Man, the last rant I had was Spidey 2.

Wait, I bitch all the time =)


I’m still shocked with Caligula though. Damn movie. Is that porn?

~ by targrod on May 25, 2008.

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