Of a music.

I miss listening to alternative music. I wanna hear new bands. All we have now are foreign emo bands. Really. Or maybe they are still in the underground scene and I’m just not looking? It doesn’t feel that right when I listen to AI songs (hehehe… fine, shoot me then. hahaha) or the latest standard music. I grew up listening to hard-hitting songs (seriously, I grew up listening to DWKC, bwahahaha, that’s IFM to you my brother and sisters. A friend of mine introduced the genre (and no, I don’t listen to GNR. sorry) and up until now the skies are high when I listen to alternative and rock.

“buti pa ang vst and co. may rock baby rock” :: “buti pa ang wrestling dati may the rock” :: “buti pa ang kabayo kumakain ng the rock”


Or maybe i’m just old and I can’t let go of the past. Ya-u-u-accck.

~ by targrod on May 29, 2008.

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