Of a view.

Why can’t we elite viewers (elite? blech) rave local shows? We rave about the latest episode of House, Chuck, Dreyfuss (hehe), Amazing Race, NBA, etc but we don’t rave those local shows like Joaquin Bordado (or as I always imply when Robin gets old, Baldado), Lobo, My Girl, Eat Bulaga, and Hirayamanawari. I think it’s time for us to watch our local shows.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate our local shows but maybe it’s just me that is saying this.

We have that same old shit formula. We love to copy foreign television shows and we always get away with it.

You may call me a hypocrite but somehow I watch our local shows. Lemesee, there’s Lobo where my mom watches (and the theme show of that show should be “ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit) and My Girl where my friend Jinky is a part of (Sasha, ang babaeng walang balak magpahinga. Bwa Ha Ha).

Of course, we viewers want something new. I believe we want better sketch shows. Better drama.

Or is it just I.

Maybe. For the past two years (make it four or five or six even) when I stopped watching our local shows. I got tired of networks changing the theme of shows or give the word reformat. I had fun with Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis. Had nostalgia with Home Along Da Riles. And the corny-cally funny Palibhasa Lalaki.

As I’ve said there’s no rave with local viewer-ship anymore. Maybe that last PBBTE wherein the guardians created more noise than their little counterparts (I still object with the point that children are being peddled by their parents). But (yes, but) it is just a fad.

C’mon, you don’t want to be an outcast when it comes to chisims (tsismis po). You want to be in somehow. Of course, if you’re outgoing you have to do this though. Still, if you’re planning to join a game show soon, you might as well update your pop culture even if you cringed, thinking that you yourself watched Meteor Garden Season one and two.

And Meteor Rain.

And watched their concert.

And bought their albums.

So… baby baby baby… Hum shishini.

In conclusion to all the things I’ve said and remorse, I really don’t know what to conclude. Maybe cable and youtube killed our local shows. Maybe that’s the answer. Oh well.


Turn off your television. Read a book.


Leo Sayer rules! Hehehe. Uh yeah, you make me feel like dancing.


~ by targrod on June 26, 2008.

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