Of a trivia.


So, what the hell is that?

In my own words (or from what I understand), it is a random trivia site (hence triviacafe… there’s no coffee involved of course. No free coffee? No!) wherein you get to answer kick-ass questions such as the mother of rock-and-roll, who was the first person to walk on water, and what is the longest prime number (seriously). So, if you’re really good with trivia (think Jeopardy), this is a great site for you.

Ok. Playing it alone is sucky. I mean you’re great with how you answer. You’re fast. You can answer 15 questions consecutively. You can drink milk without having any intolerance.

So, it would be nice if you have your friends play along with you.

Here’s how we do this in the office.

First, login to you’re Skype account (or any IM-induced software that can provide conference chats). Create a room (or a conference or a community or a blah-blah-blah). Pick someone in your group who’s not interested with the game but is willing to give out the trivia questions (he’ll be also providing the answers since the answers are available in the site, just click Show Answer. Cha-ching!).

And then that’s it. It is a good time waster. You can play for hours and be unproductive at the same time. What a wonderful idea, right?

Oh, if you don’t provide yourselves with prizes, it is a good way to boast your trivia knowledge. We have a friend here who can answer woah trivia. I can’t give out the details though (except that his name is Franz. Hehehe).


Have you tried Yoshinoya?

Gyoza and salad. Salad and Gyoza.

Yum. Yum.

And their miso (misu? misou? misow? Eh?) soup.


I’ve been watching Ghost Fighter for the past week. Yes, I’m still watching animation. Who cares (actually my dad really cares that I’m still immature when it comes with visual entertainment. Oh yeah, like I love watching A Clockwork Orange. I’ve seen Caligula, there’s Baise Moi and 9 Songs, and whatnot)?

I still find the series enjoyable. And is Eugene really like that when they shown the series locally? The boob-grabbing skirt-lifting Eugene?


Back to Lobo. There was a scene there where Angel was in her full monty (or it seems) and Piolo was lifting her because she had her fight with the eclipse. I wonder what was Piolo thinking during that time?

“mas maganda ako sa yo”

Aww. Piolo-fans are gonna kill me. That includes Mama G.


~ by targrod on June 27, 2008.

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