Of a 9th.

Don’t you just love it when you already know who the winner is at nine in the morning? Even if it is hard to believe my mom can, at times, dream who wins. Usually we dream of people who’re connected to us. I just don’t know how my mom can do it. She just told me earlier she dreamt of Manny holding one of his hands up smiling.

Just believe.

And yes the phrase “walang kokontra” is true.

Let’s leave it at dream interpretation though.

Oh, by the way did someone die during the building of the underground tunnel in Mandaluyong?


Congratulations to Manny, the first Asian to win four championship titles in different weight classes. I believe he’s the ninth boxer to do that, next to Oscar De La Hoya.

I do hope he’s smart with his earnings. Money does not grow on trees. Being a boxer is not forever.

Yuck. Like I’m concerned with this person, he’s not even a kin or whatsoever. Maybe I just don’t want to see another Luisito Espinosa.


And I liked Diaz’s answer during his part of the post-game interview. He’s not the usual yabang-Mexican-Marquez.


Kung Fu Panda is a nice movie. The developments of the other characters are fast-paced though. It would be nice if there was a back story for the other characters. I guess all animated movies don’t really require a back story since it is an animation (duh).

Let me see, there’s Beavis and Butthead. Wait, a back story was provided for that one. How about SouthPark: Bigger, Better and whatever. I really don’t remember that movie so I can’t answer for that one.

Ok, I don’t have a point here. I was just going to add He-man and She-ra the movie. But that movie was way long ago that I’ve already forgotten it and I can only remember that it was shown at channel five.


So, let us move on to The Incredible Hulk. Now that is a great movie. Really. I really like Edward Norton as an actor. He’s really good. Even though that Liv Tyler wasn’t really a factor in this movie at least a sucky Ang Lee is not there. Hulk (the one with Eric Bana) is really a sucky film. I slept the first time I watched that and it took a Herculean task just to watch it.

Thank God for the latest version.

Now, I just don’t know if there was a post credit part of the movie. I just saw the part where Robert Downey was talking with the general.

O EM GEE. Agenvers eherm Avengers Assemble!!!!!


They have to create the Infinity Gauntlet movie. So, we can include there the following people: Tobey Maguire, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, HalleBerry, Robert Downey, Jr., Edward Norton, etc.

C’mon. Please?

Even a consolation of an animated version of that story line is enough.


Woot. Boring entry.


~ by targrod on June 29, 2008.

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