Of a hobo.

Isn’t this nice. I have my own hobo name:

Reynaldo Reynaldoson, Who Will One Day Kill His Father.



Now, on to business. If you’re familiar with the Inday forwarded texts (who aren’t?) then you might like my idea. I do hope this is not a demeaning way for our friendly house-helps.

We don’t even have one since we can’t afford a house-help. Maybe when I was young and my parents were millionaires. Right now we’re just hundred-aires (sounds like somebody who lost a lot of hair).

Anyhoo, I want to create a website just for our house-helps. That includes the driver or the gardener or even the cook. Anyone can send his or her articles for the ‘Yaya of the month’. Or you can send random snapshot photos of your yaya and we can create contests such as a caption photo contest.

It would also be nice if we can list down the phone numbers of agencies that provides helps. I mean, it would be easy to get a help, at least there is a basis of trust since NBI clearances and whatnots will be provided.

And also we can place there the usual yaya boo-boos ala America’s Funnies Home Videos.

But the only thing is this site might be derogatory to        our household helps. I think we Filipinos treat them fair unlike in some other countries were they collect all kinds of physical and mental hurt.

Or should I create a website solely for the dark yaya?



What will happen to us in the future? The gas prices are high-fallutin mind you. Imagine, one liter of gas almost cost a hundred bucks. So, what are the possible means of transportation that we can use? I have some suggestions.

HP’s Floo Powder – the only disadvantage for this is we don’t have any fireplaces in our houses. We are living in the Philippines (maybe houses in Tagaytay and Baguio have these). The closest we can do is get near an LPG tank and blow the powder. Now, who will turn off that ‘kalan’.

Futurama’s tube type of transportation – This is nice. It would just be weird where there are tubes around us. If ever this is used, how about our ‘kababayans’ who are drivers? Imagine, one idea can kill something in the present.

Stephen King’s Jaunting – Jaunting is like teleporting but this is somehow dangerous. You have to be asleep when jaunting but on the bright side we’ll create jobs for these since we need people to inject the people who’ll use the Jaunt.

Flintstone’s transportation – I have nothing to write here. Thinking about this is stupid already (you think the other ideas aren’t stupid? Think again.)

Use of animals – Hello? You think we’ll be able to push this? We’ll surely hear from the Association of Cruelty to Animals. Que Horror.

World Of Warcraft’s portals – Nah.

Salen-ga’s theory – Imagine if we really believed that the electron is positive. Some combustible material may be developed out of it. Maybe, we can use our wastes as fuel. Maybe this is the idea of the future. Maybe a Filipino can finally win the Nobel Peace Prize award and we can get all the hoes and drink booze.


~ by targrod on June 30, 2008.

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