Of Madonna’s Holiday.

Pasig was originally called as Pah-seeg. The Chinese coined the term during the heydays of trading, circa 15th century. If you’re keen with our history, the Filipino natives traded with the British and the Chinese. They traded their goods with our jewelries, bananas, and our local Rubik’s cube (mind you we invented this; we just don’t know how to use it. And patents weren’t available during those days. They called it Rubokus).

There was one time when the British passed by the Pasig area, they called the area ‘passage’. Why? If you’re not wholly informed with our land structure we had our mini version of the Suez Canal. There was then the great earthquake of mid 15th century wherein the land compacted with each other closing that canal, the Passage canal.

It wasn’t really a factor for the foreign traders before but it was a means for the locals to gain extra livelihood by making the Passage canal a toll area. We were paid in gold by these foreign traders and the locals kept the gold. They called them Breeng-breeng. The Spanish, of course, took all the gold and sent them to the queen. The hidden gold by the locals eventually went to the hands of the Japanese hence the Yamashita treasure.

Now, the British and the Chinese were somehow good friends during those days since they traded with us and in nature, we Filipinos are really peaceful (it was the fault of those bad plants that the Spanish brought here, made the locals crazy ala goofballs. But that’s another history). Since the British originally coined the term Passage the Chinese learned that that is the original name of the place. They called the place Pah-seeg.

Hap-pee Pah-seeg day!


I do hope I’m not racist here. Sorry if I hit some nerves. And everything I informed above is all true. I’m telling truth, really. Like Robina’s twin snake sister.

Hey, they are all true!


A sad day for movie viewing…

I’ve seen On The Doll, it is about the “lives” of hoes or aspiring hoes. They had different story-lines but in the end one of them are hurt either being shot or the baby sack being cut off. This movie is like Crash (starring papa Brendan and Sandra B.) but with a gruesome ending. Movie sucked.

It is fun to reminisce too. There’s Ghostbusters and Mortal Kombat. The Ghostbusters is worth watching again. And Mortal Kombat is uhm yeah.

Being a fan of video-game-to-cinema movies, I also watched the sequel of Mortal Kombat. Thank God I wasn’t really watching all the time. Final scene: Liu Kang and the adversary fights. Liu Kang turns into a demon/monster. Adversary turns into a hydra. I turn into Inday Garutay.

Then, there’s Superhero Movie. At least I got one LOL portion for the movie. Thank God for that. And please, I’m tired of those Pamela’s and Carmen’s in movies. We can remove that in place of slapstick.

Lastly, Wrestlemaniac, I’m also an avid wrestling fan (O Em Gee, you’re still watching that crap? Yes and screw you). More B-movie stupidity. Sweet.


Months ago, I learned that Jay Leno is leaving his show. Conan will replace him and Jimmy Fallon for Conan. Jimmy Fallon. Remember Taxi with Queen Latifah? Yeah, that Jimmy Fallon. Maybe, he’s just good with his Mtv (or was it?) hosting but please not Jimmy.

Oh, and the latest host for the Price is Right? Drew Carey. What happened there? Bring back Who’s Line Is It Anyway.



~ by targrod on July 2, 2008.

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